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About Us

Welcome to Strollercise

Strollercise was created by Samantha Williams in March 2016. It is a Dance / Fitness programme which takes its name from the girls ‘strolling’ in R&R clubs in the ‘50’s, and, as we do 6,000-7,000 steps in our 1 hour class, it became a form of exercise, hence 'Strollercise’ (6,000 steps is equal to walking 3 miles.)

The 'Stroll' was both a slow rock 'n' roll dance, and a song, that was popular in the late 1950s. Billboard first reported that "The Stroll" might herald a new dance craze similar to the "Big Apple" in December 1957. While a couple of the 'strolls' have been around for years on the Rock & Roll scene, many new ones have been added and choreographed by Sam.

Sam has been around the world of the 50s & 60s and Rock and Roll for over 35 years jiving and strolling, so she knows her stuff!.

This programme is excellent for the brain as you need to learn steps and this can, potentially, lower the risk of Dementia, plus it has the added benefit of being an enjoyable way to burn calories.


All our classes are 1 hour long and our participants are aged 14 and upwards, with our oldest being 90.


How Strollercise Began

In January 2016, Sam (pictured here), like so many others following the ‘Christmas Binge’, joined a circuit training class, but it was really not for her; she only lasted 3 weeks. This is her story from that point on:

“I went to the Rock & Roll club that Steve Hammond (my other half) and I frequented and got chatting with another member, Todd, who also owned a Gym. I told him that I needed to lose weight but  I was not enjoying  circuit training AT ALL! At the time we were watching the ladies and a few men ‘strolling’, which I had been teaching in the R&R clubs for over 10 years.

“Steve pointed to the dance floor and said: “There's your fitness class, right  there, under your nose; you're teaching it already!” adding: “And you can call it ‘Strollercise’”. We laughed, but two months later, in March 2016, I did start my ‘Strollercise’ class; I uploaded a few videos on social media and was immediately inundated with positive comments and messages; long story short I  ended up doing 9 classes a week!

“Today I am still doing 9 classes a week, with 100s of people wanting to join in.  Our average class size is 25 people (both men and women) but we have (and still do) achieved 40-55 to a class.

Strollercise’ is a pay-as-you-go model, with no previous dancing experience needed – members can learn as they go. We also have a tutorial DVD which was released September 2018; it’s ideal for beginners and even for our instructors. It contains 13 ‘strolls’ to learn in a step-by-step format.

The music of the 1950’s & 1960's is so iconic that we hold, and attend, a lot of  social events. We perform in town centres, school fetes and even at classic car shows, which boosts our class numbers each time.

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