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"Well what can I say I started at Canvey

Island class back in 2016 then went to

Stanford Le Hope to the advanced Class

which is great. I have made a lovely bunch of

friends and... Yes... it changed my life, as I met my partner and we are now married. Strollercise is a big part of my life I love the music the people and of course Sam & Steve thank you x x

Denise Styles

Some of Our Testimonials

"I started back in March 2017. My daughter Elaine  wanted to go as well, it is something we can do together. Almost three years later we are still loving it. Made new friends and also met up with old friends I had not seen for some time. Social life is great. My diabetes is under control, also have asthma which is now under control. As for my memory, I think it is good, but only time will tell.

Thank you Sam & Steve for starting STROLLERCISE good luck to you both. x x

Linda Fisher, 2019

Now this is what we call a testimonial! Eunice Parmenter is a '1 in a million', amazing lady; a true inspiration and like family to us, We met her through Strollercise and here’s her 30 second story after her Medical visit today - we love you Eunice x x

"I love Strollercise. Having Parkinsons and Leukaemia it helps my balance and to keep all my joints moving. It gives me something to look forward to each week. Love the company and the fun we have. Well done Sam & Steve for making this happen x x x

Eunice Parmenter

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