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The Strollercise Classes


The Strollercise classes are open to anyone from age 14, currently our oldest member is 90. 

As the classes are all low impact, they are a perfect way for those with ailments such as Fibromyalgia, COPD, Arthritis etc. to get fit and healthy in a fun and friendly environment. We have also received excellent reports of huge benefits from members suffering from Diabetes and high blood pressure.


Strollercise is a low intensity fitness class that covers 6,000 steps in one hour (that's the equivalent of 3 miles). The Strollercise classes are inspiring and motivating and, most importantly, fun. They feel more like a fun social hour than an exercise class where the members are burning calories and getting fit. 

One of the main reasons this dance/exercise concept is so
popular is because it is so simple but also leaves room for complex and skilful moves for dancers looking for a challenge. 


  • Recommended by GP's

  • A great way for members to make new friends

  • They are fun whilst burning calories at the same time

  • Members get the opportunity to attend outdoor events, promotions, vintage days, classic car shows, fetes &
    much, much more


We currently have classes in Essex, but more franchised classes will be coming on board in other parts of the UK soon, so be sure to follow us on social media for new classes starting in your area.

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