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Name: Denise Styles         Location: Canvey Island

Franchise Area: Castlepoint, Essex


Strolling into a new future...

Denise spent most of her working life in offices, carrying out secretarial and administration duties for various companies in London, and, later on, more locally.

Prior to joining Strollercise Denise she held a local admin role, and still does but she has cut her hours down to just 2 days a week and is looking to leave completely, in the not too distant future.

Denise was already attending the Strollercise classes in her area so when they announced they were franchising the business she jumped at the chance to become a franchise owner. She says: “I love Strollercise and knew this was what I wanted to do. What better way is there than to work doing something you love; every class is different; every person is different - I just love it!”

So why did she choose this franchise over others that are available?
Denise explains that: “Strollercise is quite simply great; there isn’t another franchise like it. It's something I love being involved in as a class member, as well as teaching it. If I'm honest it doesn't feel like a job! Its confidence building, its fun, plus it keeps me fit and motivated.”

Strollercise - Castlepoint, Essex.

What makes it even more special for Denise is that her son and husband are behind her 100%. “They will help me when needed, and they are happy to help out with the music and anything I ask of them.”

Denise adds that: “Sam and Steve (franchisors) have been excellent. If I have any questions she will always be there for me. I am still in my first year so its great to have the support they provide.”

What challenges has Denise faced while getting to know the Strollercise business?:
Denise has not found going into business with Strollercise that stressful at all but she does say : “Its important not to get disheartened when you start a new class and only a few people turn up as they do grow very quickly.

“I love seeing people meet and form new friendships;  I met my own husband, Don, through Strollercise!

“My biggest high so far was my first party - watching everyone stroll, knowing I had taught them.”

Although Denise is still in her first year she is working hard to get Strollercise known in her exclusive franchise area; planning on having more classes; encouraging more people to join, and seeing more friendships formed.

What would Denise’s advice be to someone thinking of joining Strollercise? “It's a fantastic move – you do have to put in the effort, but then you reap the rewards.” 

See Denise's Facebook Page Here.

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