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Strollercise - Castlepoint, Essex.

Class Member Testimonials

Denise asked her class members, on Facebook, if attending her Strollercise classes has changed their lives, health, movement, etc., and this is just some of the replies she received:


"Yes it has ,, I love it 💕, I feel a lot fitter... love the music ... a good friendly crowd..... thank you so much 😘 JM

"I feel that I’ve loosened up a lot. It also helps with my balance"


"I definitely feel fitter and I have made new friends" BJ

"I love it; it has helped me lose weight, and, more importantly, have made some lovely friends. Love the music, love the atmosphere, and we always, always have a laugh. I hope I can keep going for many years to come x x" SW

"Strollercise is the only exercise that I have ever really loved. It's a great way to get moving. Makes me feel like I am doing something positive for my health" 🙂 CK

"Yes it definitely has. Great bunch people very friendly atmosphere. I always look forward to my Thursday mornings, and I feel that it helps me get a bit of exercise as well. So all, in all, it's good. Thanks to you Denise x x" JG

"I danced at the Christmas party - I usually just sit and watch because I have no idea what to do with my feet in modern dance but because I was able to do the strolls I could join in...

it was exhilarating !!!

My diabetic nurse asked me what I had been doing as my levels have reduced and the only different thing is Strollercise!!MH

"I absolutely love it! I’ve lost weight, made some amazing friends, love the music and the socialising at parties. So glad I joined Strollercise. Thank you Denise" LB

"I agree with JG, I look forward to Thursday, I love the music, especially the Elvis records. Thank you all for making it enjoyable, See you Thursday MP

"Yes I've lost weight; my left leg is getting stronger, my balance is getting better, and I have made some great friends. Love the music and really enjoy Monday evenings." DP

"I joined last year, just for the exercise, never expecting to meet such lovely ladies, make new friends, and really enjoy doing an exercise to music that gives you a real boost. Love it ❤️" AK

"Yes I love it great crowd great music xx" KC


"It’s great way to keep fit and make friends all ages 💃💃🕺🕺" VL


"Strollercise has helped improve my fitness & circulation which I had a problem with before. Fab instructors, fun classes & I have met some wonderful people too. PLUS I love Elvis, so the music is right up my street xx" ML

"I love it! I have never laughed so much; lovely ladies whichever class I can get to. Fantastic instructor. Really helping with the side effects of my medication. x" LD


"Great people and I do something for me that keeps me fit and chill out at the same time... love it ❤️" DF

"Ditto all the above 🥰 plus it's helping me with my brain 🤪 😁 ...Gets it working a bit LOL😘" BM

"It’s a great class to make new friends in and one of the only ones I’ve ever been to that has not made me feel conscious of not being able to do something or of being over weight (that damn moony 😂). I only wish I could attend more 😍" EC
"It's exercise which helps me especially as it is so friendly; better than going to a gym x x" AW
"I love it! The people are so friendly that when I make my frequent mistakes they laugh with me not at me. I need to loose weight and improve my core, so this, along with other exercise, is helping. However, this is the only exercise I look forward to; the rest are a chore." HW


"It just doesn't seem like exercise; more like dancing with friends x" SP


When I moved to Canvey, from Oxfordshire, I only knew my brother and sister in law on Canvey. Thanks to Strollercise (and also Slimming World) I have now met lots of lovely ladies, plus I am exercising and eating healthy. What better way to get fit than dancing to music... just love it xx" VC


"I’ve told you before that I hated exercise until I found your Strollercise class - as others have said, the best bit is walking through the door and not feeling intimidated - you can wear what you like and not feel ‘different’, and if you come on your own people will always chat with you. It is you, and your family, who make it that way and such a happy place to be xx" JD

"Love it! Hate it when I have to miss a class! I do 3 a week and if there were more I could get to I would go. The music (Elvis); learning new strolls, a challenge, but we always get them sooner or later, and have meet some really friendly and interesting ladies.xx" CS


"I love it! I am on a weight loss plan and strolling is really helping with my fitness levels. Nice bunch of people there too. Great group, great class, great teacher... what more can I say than a huge thank you Denise 👯👯💕"



"Don't feel like your exercising because it's great fun and lovely people great teacher xx" CN

"It's fun, everyone is friendly and you just have a good time exercising without knowing you are. I feel like I've achieved something and feel better in my mind set when I'm finished, even if I don't always get it 100% right.x" JM


"Lovely class,.good fun, good music and great exercise." GD


"Love the people. Great for my health. Love to sing along to the music. Boosts my step count for the day too. Great all round fun. x x"  LE


"Love the music and dancing; doesn't feel like exercise. It's good that you can comfortably come on your own and not feel out of place. Very friendly groups. I have poor coordination but even I can follow the dances 😁" AM

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