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Strollercise - Southend, Essex.

Class Member Testimonials

Karen & Tracy asked their Facebook class members if attending their Strollercise classes had changed their lives, health, movement, etc., and this is just some of the replies they have received so far:

"Strollercise is a low impact exercise class based on easy line dances and suitable for all ages but particularly for ladies of a certain age.  The classes I have attended have been very friendly and sociable.  There is no pressure to be perfect just laugh at your own mistakes.  

"I found that the exercises helped with problems with my hip.  As I am retired it would be very easy to become isolated but I really look forward to meeting people and Strollercise gives me fun, better health and a social life

"I want to thank Karen and Tracy for the zoom meetings in these difficult times.  Love you girls xx" - Cindy

"I have been attending Strollercise classes with the Southend group run by Karen and Tracy for nearly 2 years now.  They have been fun, social as well as a good form of excel use with a great crowd led by 2 lovely, friendly women - Karen and Tracy.


"Even through lock-downs Karen & Tracy have kept in touch and arranged on line classes for us.  I can’t wait for lock-down to end and classes to begin again as it’s a fabulous way of getting out of the house, meeting people and keeping fit.  I have recommended Karen & Tracy’s class to friends."


"I have been strolling for 4 years now & joined in Karen & Tracy’s classes 18 months ago . They are fantastic teachers, lovely ladies & their classes are so much fun.  I love going & a great way to get fit too !


"I had double leg surgery around 18 months ago too & their classes were a fantastic way for me to introduce fitness steadily back into my life & helped to improve the circulation again . I also suffered blood clots to the lungs after surgery, when I could attend again, I was able to stroll very gently & slowly until I was back in good health & they helped to look out for me .


"It’s a great form of exercise, the music is fantastic, I’ve made some wonderful friends in the classes too & it’s a great place socially & to meet new people . I’ve missed the classes a lot since lock-down and can’t wait to get back strolling again xx
- Mel


"Coming to the class is  enjoyable for me because for that hour I can forget any problems I might have & just go into my own little world. Everyone is friendly & Karen & Tracy are great girls. I love music🎶🎵especially 50s & 60s. I love to dance so when I hear music I have to dance which keeps me fit.  I usually sing along while I'm dancing so get double the pleasure😊.  

"Hope life gets better & they can continue their classes.


Thanks for the strolls🎶🕺"- Joyce

This is the most fun you can have with your clothes on! I've made lots of new friends, and it just gives you such a good feeling of well-being. (And it helps to keep you fit) - Denise

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